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How to check who is connected to my WiFi -EASIEST TECH

 Check Who's Using Your Wi-Fi Connection!

When the internet speed is low, it seems as if someone is using my Wi-Fi connection. While that may not be true in all cases, that fear cannot be ruled out. Especially if someone can use your Wi-Fi connection without letting you know, there are security concerns. Malware can spread, and if you have the option to share files via Wi-Fi, someone else can see your file.

See Who is Connected to Your Wi-Fi Router.


Windows operating system users can use a small portable software called 'Wireless Network Watcher.' It will show a list of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network. Then you can easily find out which is not your device. No installation is required to use Wireless Network Watch app. You can refer to this link to download the software. If you see the text 'Scanning ...' at the bottom left, that means the software has started working. When done, it will show a list of devices connected to the network.

However, looking at the list, you can get a little confused. Because there will also show internet protocol and MAC address column. However, except for that, you can only look at the device name and the network adapter company column. For example, if the name of your laptop computer is 'Nothing,' and if it is connected to the Wi-Fi network, it should show the character. In the case of some devices that do not show the word, you can get an idea by looking at the name of the network adapter manufacturer.

Apple's Mac

However, Apple's Mac users do not have access to wireless network watchers. There aren't too many options for them. Software called "Lanscan" can be used, but it costs approximately 6 to 8 USD to unlock the full benefit.

It might cost a little extra but this one provides some good functionalities. However, Mac users can see the necessary information from the settings page of the router. If you have an iPhone, you will also find that information in the 'Fing' app.

See The Router Settings Page.

If you want to see the settings page of the router, you have to enter the specific IP address in the web browser from the device (computer or smartphone) connected to that router. Then you have to log in with your ID and password. Now look for 'Attached Devices,' 'Client List,' or similar options. There you will also find lists like Wireless Network Watcher. The information may be slightly different. In some cases, some devices may seem unfamiliar. Because now we have started using many devices connected to the internet. Such as TV with Wi-Fi, refrigerator, light bulb, IP camera, etc. These will also be on the list. So before you doubt, you can find a little in your own home.

If all goes well, you will finally recognize all the devices on the list. However, if you find a completely unknown device, now is the time to increase the security of your Wi-Fi connection.

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