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7 hidden features of Chrome browser you must know - Easiest tech

The mobile browser means Chrome. But not many people know what can be done with this Chrome browser. Below are the unfamiliar features of Chrome for Android.

Swipe tab

You can move from one tab to another without clicking the tab icon. Swiping from left to right of the page will change the tab.


There is nothing to worry about if the net goes away while looking at the webpage. Just don't click on the cancel option. When the net is gone, Chrome will show the option to download the whole page.

Tab open

To open a new tab and close an old tab, just press the tab icon for a long time. There you can see the tab open and close options.

PDF file

Pages can also be downloaded directly from Chrome as a PDF. Click on the share option from Chrome's three-dot icon. Then click on print and the file will be downloaded as Save as PDF. The file can be shared on any device.

Website zooming

To view the text of any webpage in large size, you need to click on the 'Accessibility' option from Chrome's settings. Click on the ‘Force enable zoom’ option in the middle of the new page. Then the text scaling can be increased or decreased to make the text of the website bigger or smaller.

Quick scroll

If you want to find something on the Wikipedia page without scrolling, you can click on the ‘Find in page’ option. The option can be found by clicking on the three-dot icon. By typing ‘Reference’ or ‘Early life’, you can go to the section on the page at once.

Sound of auto-playing video

When you enter the website, all of a sudden the video starts playing. To turn off the sound of this video, go to the settings option. After clicking on-site settings, a new page will be launched. Clicking on the Sound option will turn off AutoPlay Sound.

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