Dealing with a Damaged/corrupted/write Protected SD card or pen drive is a tedious task. You spend hours to get back your storage into working conditions but get nothing.

You might have seen a lot of questions like

·     My pen drive/SD card is not working

·     My pen drive/SD card is corrupted

·     My pen drive/SD card Damaged

·     My pen drive/SD card Write Protected

And sometimes 16/32/64 GB whatever size shows only 100/194/196/200 MB.

Don’t worry you can fix it, in a minute. Just needs to follow these simple steps.


1. Press "Windows + R" from keyboard. Write "cmd" and press ok.



2. When Command Prompt opens, Write "diskpart" and press enter.


3. Now you will get a new window. There write "list disk" and press enter again. Check all your disk there.

In the picture you can see 3 different disk there and “disk 2” is my pen drive. It showing 14 GB but in My computer it was showing 196 MB so we need to fix this one.


4.Again in that prompt write "select disk 2”My pen drive is named as “disk 2” so I have selected disk 2, your may be different like if you have given your name X Y Z , just put your name after select and a space and be confirm you have selected right disk cause it will format the disk you have choose. Now press enter. You will see it shows disk part succeeded in cleaning the disk.

Now if you open your my computer you will see your USB shows nothing.

5. Now for fixing this right click on your windows [W 8,10] or my computer [W7] and go to disk management. Press right button selecting unallocated part from disk 2 and then go for 'New Simple Volume'.



Then you will get a new window, click next from there. Again you will get  a another window again click next.


Now you change your memory card or USB name from here, set your preferred name in the place of new volume. Then click next later on click Finish.