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WhatsApp initiatives on Coronavirus - Easiest Tech

WhatsApp announced two initiatives to support the global fight against coronavirus. One is the opening of the WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Hub in partnership with the World Health Organization and UNDP, and the other is a $ 1 million grant to the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN) at the Pointer Institute.

The Coronavirus Information Hub was launched by WhatsApp on Wednesday, according to a WhatsApp notification. From here WhatsApp provides easy and effective guidance for communicators, educators, community leaders, NGOs, local government and local business people. In addition, the site will provide general tips and information to WhatsApp users worldwide. 


According to WhatsApp, they are working with UNICEF and WHO to provide messaging hotline services for direct users around the world. The hotlines will be listed on the WhatsApp Coronavirus Information Hub. So far WhatsApp has worked with several national health ministries and NGOs to provide accurate information to users through messages in different countries including Singapore, Israel, South Africa, Brazil, Indonesia.


WhatsApp chief "Will Cathcart" said, "People are using WhatsApp more in times of disaster. We've come up with a simple resource that will help them to stay connected.



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  1. This is really great and glad to know. How many days they want to provide this kind of help?

    1. They didn't mention anything about the deadline, thank you..

  2. This would be helpful for all of us thanks for this information 😊

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