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Huawei is disinfecting mobile at no cost - Easiest Tech

Huawei, a leading technology company, is offering a free service for disinfecting smartphones. Customers of the technology company can enjoy this service from all Huawei affiliated service centers.

Huawei said the phone will be sterilized after a certain time by inserting a smartphone inside a special disinfection device (phone disinfection) to free the phone from fungus and viruses. Customers do not have to pay any fee to get this service. This will allow customers to use the sterile Huawei smartphone and keep themselves safe.

There has been a worldwide outbreak of coronavirus infection recently. Experts are also giving many tips for staying safe. They say the use of mobile phones, like other necessities, has to be careful. For this, it is necessary to keep the mobile phone sterile and clean. In this regard, Huawei has taken a special initiative to disinfect mobile phones.

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  1. I love this website it's my favorite

  2. This is kind of interesting because I didn't heard about any other similar company doing this. But is there any time duration for this free service?

    1. Well, they didn't confirm anything about the deadline