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How to fix, Computer Became Slow - Easiest Tech

There Can be two types of problem, that make computer slow. One is


if it is for software then reasons could be
1. Virus 
2. Unnecessary program.
3.Adequate space on the C drive

Way of Solving :

1. Scan the PC with antivirus.
2.Do not install too many applications or software on PC. 
3.Always leave 20% space on a C drive or a Windows drive.

Another Types is


if it is for Hardware then reasons could be

1. Ram
2. Dust

Way of Solving :

1. Inside and around the computer, try to keep clean
2.Do not place the computer in a warm place. 
3.RAM memory is less than required.

If your computer is slow, you can try these methods, hopefully it will help you out.

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