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Find Out Lost Apple Watch - Easiest Tech

Despite being on the nose, many people all over the house look for glasses. The number of such mistakes is, of course, counted by hand. However, the loss of a cellphone, whether in mind or inadvertently, is a daily occurrence. The same thing happens with the clock. Even if a very careful person does not lose himself, a small family member may lose the watch to play. It may have been sitting on the sidewalk playing in the crowd. iPhone 'Find My' app is a great solution in this regard. Apple Watch recently added the same benefits.

What to do

To find the watch, first, go to the Watch app on the phone. The 'Find My' app will be pressed by the watch on the device list.

Tap on the watch's name.

Tap on the information circle to the right of the clock or picture.

Press 'Find My Apple Watch'. For the first time using this feature, you may be asked to turn on 'Send Last Location'. As a result, the known position of the watch will be preserved for up to 24 hours even after the battery is exhausted.

At this stage, a map will appear on the next page, where you can see the location of your watch. Here you will find some options to find the watch.

1. If the clock is lost at home, press the 'Play Sound' option. The clock will sound wherever it is. The volume continued to increase again. Most wrongdoers will feel the opposite clock pressure when tapping into the 'play sound' even when the watch is in hand. That means the clock will also tap into the charm. When you find the clock and tap 'Play Sound' again, the sound will stop.

2. Identifies the current or previous location of the watch.

3. You can also mark the watch as 'Lost'. Doing so will prompt you to provide a passcode for the lost watch. You can also add phone numbers if desired. At the same time, a message will be created, 'Please call me if you find this phone.' Whoever can find it, cannot use the clock without a passcode. And when you find out you want to give it back, your phone number will go to the location and message.

4. What if the phone is also marked as 'Lost'? In this case, if you turn on the Mark as a Lost option, you will switch to the 'Lost Mode' page. This will allow you to update your email information or turn off the 'Mark as lost' option.

5. If the clock is stolen, you can turn on the 'erase the device' option. Doing so will bring a warning to the screen — do you really want to erase it? If erased, the clock will no longer be tracked. However, you can still provide a phone number, along with a message to the person who will receive the phone.

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  1. i lost my watch couple days ago and i found it all cuz of the guy who made this website super cool and super safe.