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How to fix Computer is restarting again and again - Easiest Tech

If your computer restarting again and again, then it can be because of Hardware problem or also can be Software problem. 

If it is Hardware problem, Then may be because of...

  1.  Problems with the power supply
  2.  Power button problem 
  3. RAM problem
  4. New Hardware
  5. Dust

Solution :

  1. Never use RAM at different bus speeds.
  2. Open the RAM and try another slot.
  3. If this is the case for power plants, use UPS.
  4. Check that the processor cooling fan is rotating properly and that it is nicely fitted to the processor.
  5. If the problem starts with the installation of a new hardware, then remove it.
  6. Keep the inside of the computer casing free of dust.

If it is Software problem. Then may be because of...

  1. Due to the Virus
  2. Due to antivirus problems
  3. Because of any incompatible software installs
  4. For operating system problems

Solution : 

  1. Scan the whole PC well with antivirus.
  2. Do not install multiple antivirus on PC.
  3. If the problem arises after installing a particular software, then remove it.

Following these steps you can easily fix this problem, If you face any other problem or if you can't fix this one, just comment here, we will try to help you out.

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