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After turning on the computer, its keep giving beep - Easiest Tech

If computer keep giving beep after it is turned on, then it is kind of hardware problem.

Usually it happens because of....

  1. If the beep number is one, it means that the computer is not getting the output output. Or it may be that the keyboard is not connected to the motherboard properly.
  2. If there are two small beeps after one big beep, then your motherboard can't get RAM.
  3. If there are three small beeps after one big beep then you will definitely understand the problem of display or graphics output.
  4. If a large beep then four small beeps, your motherboard or any important hardware is damaged or not working properly.

Now lets fix these problems...

  1. Try changing the RAM or changing the slot.
  2. Look at the monitor. Is it in sleep mode? That is, note whether the LED lights are blinking. If it does not mean that the LED lights are on and something is visible on the monitor, then your motherboard and graphics card are OK.
  3. If power on is not possible then open the casing to see if there is a problem with your power supply.
  4. Now suppose the motherboard's power LED is lit but the PC button is not responding when pressing the power button on the casing, then it will realize that there is a problem with the casing's power supply and it cannot supply enough voltage. If possible, try setting up another power supply.
  5. Power switch problem. Experienced users, if possible, can see the motherboard's manual and pull out the motherboard's power button pin two and connect it to see if it works.

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