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Best Free Antivirus for android - Easiest Tech

Android has turned out to be the world’s most popular operating system, and the amount of Android malware is also increasing at a rapid pace. Android users don’t want to fall victim to the malicious scams and for that, strong virus protection for Android is needed. Using Antivirus keeps your operating system safe from virus attacks, reduces system vulnerabilities, and mitigates the risk of a data leak, therefore, installing a trusted android antivirus is compulsory. You can check these free antiviruses for android from Google Play Store

Notar Security

Norton has already established itself as a trusted antivirus brand in the security of PCs worldwide. Norton can be equally effective for Android. Its free version also features security for the phone's built-in storage, as well as peripheral security. As a result, Norton can scan the SD card effectively. Norton will also allow you to lock the phone via SMS in case your phone is lost or stolen. Of course, using Norton to spend money will add some extra features.

Hornet Antivirus

Hornet Antivirus is another application that is effective as an Android antivirus application. Most importantly it is free. Hornet is capable of efficiently scanning malware and storage on Android applications. It automatically updates its virus definitions as well. If there is an update for Hornet, it is automatically added as well. It also has a good rating among security applications on Google Play.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender as an antivirus is also well-known in the technology world. But the biggest aspect of Bitdefender's Android application is its simple interface. It can scan your entire Android device manually or automatically. It does not have the same features as other applications. It only performs an antivirus scan successfully. So if you want additional features, you need to download another app. However, as antivirus in general, it is not evil.

Zona Antivirus

Zona antivirus apps have many additional features compared to other antiviruses. These include antivirus scanner, malware scanner, anti-theft feature, call block, etc. All its features are capable of working efficiently. And its interface is clean. However, it is more specifically designed for tablet PCs than for Android phones. That's why it adapts more to Android tablets. And yes, it can be used without spending money.

AVG Antivirus

AVG antivirus is popular on PC, the mobile version of AVG Antivirus is also used by nearly 3 million users. So you can get an idea of its effectiveness of keeping Android phones free from viruses. In addition to viruses and malware protection, it also features Web Security, Google Maps with Anti-Theft, Task Manager, Battery Monitor, etc. AVG may be the top choice of many for Android security.

TrustGo Antivirus

Another reliable antivirus for Android devices is TrustGo Antivirus and Mobile Security. This app is completely free and there is no paid version of it. It has the best rating among the free security app on the Google Play Store. It has also received several awards as a mobile security application. It also has all the features like data backup, anti-theft. If these apps are installed 3 times the password will be automatically emailed to the user if you enter the wrong password on the device. As a result, you can use it safely for the safety of the phone.

Dr. Web antivirus

The most popular and best rating security app in the Google Play Store is Dr. Web antivirus. Its specialty is that it uses very little memory. It is also useful for users with low configuration phones and limited data plans. It does not have an antivirus or antiviral scan to remove it. Its interface also won't create trouble. As a result you can use it as one of the best antivirus apps on Android.

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