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5 Best Software for Windows - Easiest Tech

A large portion of PC users use the operating system as a version of Windows. Various software is available in Windows for various purposes. However, many times the software is not available for free. Many of the open source software is available for free. Some of these types of software are mentioned in this article.

Desktop Video Concepts 'Camstudio'

Sometimes we may need to have a video of all the events happening on the desktop. This work can be done through webcam, but in addition to webcam, the work can be done through 'Camstudio' software. It can be accessed on any part of the desktop. Particularly a demo of software or creating a video tutorial or doing this kind of work can be fantastic software. The video captured with it will be available in high-resolution AVI format. However, it can also be converted to SWF format with built-in software. In addition to holding video, there is also the opportunity to add comments. If you want to have video of a certain part of the desktop as well as full screen, this is possible. The open source software for this work can be downloaded from the site. And the link to can be found on the Camstudio Support Forum.

'Crossloop' under the control of another PC

Suppose you are stuck somewhere while working on a computer. And you have one friend who can help you in this place. But he is somewhere far away from you. As a result, she is unable to help you. In this situation you may be helped by 'crossloop'. If the software is installed on both PC's and both computers have internet connection, your friend will be able to access your computer from that distance, and can do your work. The free software is basically desktop sharing and remote access software, which allows you to work from one PC to another. can be taken down from the site 'crossloop'.

'Desktop' for multiple desktops

The Windows operating system works on a single desktop. However, for those who want to use multiple desktops for their work, Windows does not have its own built-in system. If you want to use more than one virtual desktop, this may help. Multitasking is often seen as a taskbar full of open applications. In this case, many people find it useful to use a different desktop. For them, 'Desktop' has the advantage of using four virtual desktops. It seems as if each desktop is using a new PC. Here you can run different programs on different desktops. And the keyboard shortcut can be easily switched from one desktop to another. There are several types of 3D transition effects that go from one desktop to another. Various designs can be used on its desktops. This software can be downloaded from

Eraser to delete hard drive data

Over time, we may sell old computers or hard disk drives. In that case, those hard disks may contain a lot of personal information that can be harmful to others. The computer may also contain our financial transactions or bank account information, which will not be pleasant when it comes to others. Although these files can be deleted from the PC, they can be recovered through the data recovery software. To get rid of this problem, the software called 'eraser' has to erase the hard drive data completely from the hard disk. It thus deletes all the data on the entire hard disk or some selected data, so that they will no longer be accessed through the data recovery software. This software also works on any internal hard disk, external hard disk or USB flash drive supported by Windows. You can take it down from

Password protection

In this age of the internet we have to run a lot of online accounts. Different types of passwords are used in various types of accounts, including e-mail accounts, accounts on social networking sites, blog accounts, and other registered site accounts. Again, so that one cannot easily guess the passwords, each password has to be exceptional. Many times forgetting less frequently used passwords while doing this. But all passwords can be stored safely by remembering a single password. This is possible through password management software called 'Kipas'. It can store all types of passwords used on the PC with strong encryption. It has portability, multi-user features, supports multiple languages. It can be downloaded from website.

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